How Shampoo can Change the World

By Prudence - Of Cows Tails and Chew Toys

November 8, 2011

A few weeks ago I wrote about and held a contest for Mutt NOSE Best, a Maine based dog shampoo company that features a lot of blueberry based shampoos and conditioners. What I failed to mention, and what is the topic of today’s post, is that every month, Mutt NOSE Best chooses a charity to help raise funds or donations for. Last month, the charity was the Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Furry Friends Food Bank whose goal is to assist seniors and adults with disabilities feed their pets. For every “like” on their facebook page in the month of October, Mutt NOSE Best donated 1lb of dog food. At the end of the month, Mutt NOSE Best donated 163lbs of food!

This month the focus is on Logan’s Legacy, a fund whose goal is to help human Suzan Morris raise enough money to secure a service dog. Suzan, was diagnosed with MS in 1996 and, through the help of her first service dog Logan, Suzan was able to volunteer and lead a productive life. As Suzan stated in this article by Mutt NOSE Best, “With Logan by my side I was able to maintain my independence and together we participated in life fully. From everyday activities to hospice volunteering to Disneyworld, she made it possible to connect with many people worldwide. She will always be in my heart, the angel by my side…” Sadly, Logan passed away from cancer leaving Suzan heartbroken and in need of another companion.

It takes lot of time and money to raise and train a service dog. Some of the things that Logan and her successor did and will be able to do for Suzan are things like picking up dropped items like keys and coins, opening and closing doors, carrying small bags or items, getting (though not answering) the phone, etc. Currently Suzan is on a two waiting lists with non-profits that train service dogs. She has to raise roughly $9,500, 26% of which she has raised as of today. Any amount that exceeds her goal will be saved and used as the Logan’s Legacy scholarship fund to help others with disabilities fundraise for a service dog.

For the entire month of November, Mutt NOSE Best will be donating $1 from every bottle sold on their website to Logan’s Legacy. And, as if that was pawesome enough, The Loyal Biscuit Co, one of my all time favorite pet stores, has decided to join the fundraising efforts but sending $1 off every bottle of Mutt NOSE Best sold in their store throughout November to Logan’s Legacy.

If you would like more information about Logan’s Legacy or to make a donation, please visit their Give Forward page as well as their facebook page. And, if you want to buy some of the yummiest smelling shampoo, make sure you visit Mutt NOSE Best’s online store.

Happy tail wags!

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